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  Just another day
What to say?

Umm... Today was fun xD Went to school for tuition and Mr. Tam showed us some videos. Funny ones that made the whole class go "wahahaha" XD and me too. Then came back, I did my moral folio. Well, just a little. Then I got bored and went to sleep for 2 satisfying hours =) Then I forced myself up to do my physics tuition homework before tuition. Doing my homework right before tuition. Wow, a good student I am xP Last minute is never good. Couldn't finish it... Went to eat dinner at Bukit Beruang food court before going to tuition and still managed to enter the class in time, even had time to go pee ^^ After tuition, didn't have mood to study. Of course! Its holiday man! So i persuaded my mum to watch When In Rome with me. The story was unique. After watching it, I want even more to tossed a coin into the wishing fountain :) Then after the movie, told my bro to move, its my turn to use the computer ;) Then chatted with wei hao about Sukma duty and high school camp fire and his dog >< Then he wanted to enter dreamland already but as usual, a single "bb" leads to many "bb"s haha. Then after small kid(wei hao) went to sleep, I started blogging =) Then small kid sms me to remind me something which I already know, haih, small kid will always be small kid xD

Then I'm bored again... Not gonna hit the sack yet, because I promise my mum I'll study after blogging == Biology ~ a great way to end my day =.=

Oh ya just wanna say that it feels great that people read what you're writing. So my dearest readers, thank you =)

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