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  KL !! Here I come
Its been a long time since I last blogged. Packing my things now for tomorrow. I'm going to KL XD =( . Don't know why I'm just not that excited. And today I'm feeling so empty, what's missing? You? Yes. But there's more things that's also missing, I just can't seem to figure it out. Ok. Whatever. Clear my heart. And... KL !! Here I come.


Yesterday I went out with my friends to dataran pahlawan to ..? Our aim was actually to go there to choose our own gifts for our librarians' night. I doubt that. It was hard choosing what we wanted. Each had RM20 to spend. At first I wanted a watch but my loyal watch at home was one year old and was still working perfectly fine. How cruel I was for waiting for it to die. Zhi wei bought a diamond slip-in sandals. I wanted one too. But I have a pair of slippers at home already that was still perfectly fine too. Damn! In the end, I bought shampoo. What the hell. Shampoo as a library gift ==''. Wei qi brought us to Brands Outlet where I think I just met my dream flowery skirt! Thank you! I have been looking for that kind of skirt but was nowhere to be found. But I saw something like that once at Soda. But they were almost RM100. I'm not rich. So I might buy that skirt as library gift, I might buy 2. Library will subsidise RM20 for me, and I'll pay the rest, which is RM60.


Right now I'm thinking how much money should I bring (or perhaps I should think about how much money I wanna spend), listening to my hand phone radio and blogging... My bro and I had tried to make our own self-made pepper spray (for safety precautions for tomorrow) but sadly we failed, I had sneezed 4 times not because of the pepper (God knows why I sneezed). I had not finish my moral folio, haven't start studying physics, haven't complete my add maths tuition homework, yet I am going to loiter around in KL shopping complexes. I'm the perfect drop-out student in the making.

I did many things that wasn't beneficial today such as wake up late, did add maths tuition homework halfway, spent too much time on the Internet, wasn't paying attention during physics tuition and chatted with wei hao haha.

Ok ok gotta go sleep, I'll blog again when I come back from KL on Friday or Saturday, depends whether I've shopped enough or not, or whether I've enjoyed myself.

P.S. : Life without you is a bore, can't wait for school to reopen.

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