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  Ready to let go
I just came back from Bee Loon after buying badges for tomorrow's big event and a scarf for wei hao. I just had a cup of refreshing cold milk, which made me feel so good =) By skipping school today, I've accomplished my speech for tomorrow (with the help of my dad). Then I start blogging.

Just a few weeks ago, someone asked me indirectly whether I like this "guy". Lets just call him Z. That someone asked me in some way that I didn't know what he meant at first, but later when I went home and thought about it again then I understood
=='' I can't tell you how that someone asked. But the meaning was "Eh, you've been going through so many activities and spending so much time with Z, you still haven't fall for him ah?" And I answered indirectly, no. But in fact, yes I did. I did fall for him.

But that was a really
long time ago...

I fell for you because of the most obvious reason-we certainly went through
too much together. Happy and sad and even hard times. I must say you are at your best during happy times, and you are really good at it. During sad times, you stay quiet. And hard times, depending on the situations, sometimes you really know how to help out and solve everything. But sometimes you hardly care. I love you before but not anymore. To what I last saw, you were quite terrible. But after so long as friends and after so much we been through together, you are not completely terrible. Once I screwed up really big and you helped quite a lot. But there was also times when you didn't care to help at all.

Just a few months ago, I was told by a friend that you like me. I couldn't believe because you were never serious in anything. For almost one week, my heart would beat faster whenever I see you and I felt weird when I was talking to you. Why do I still feel awkward when I have got over you? It took me around two weeks to figure everything out. And then I was ready to really let you go. And I mean completely. We're just not the same. That's the reason I could think. And that is the most honest reason. We are really not the same in most ways. The way we think, way we do things, most things... So let's just remain as friends who have gone through a lot together, friends who helped each other, friends who enjoyed a lot together. Shall we?

took a photo of myself today hehe... =S

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