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  already june
Realizing that its already June, I think my duty as scout troop leader is done. I'm so glad and can't wait to retire. Because its tiring but really fun >< and I learned a lot. We had school tuition today and after that we went to the library to discuss library AGM. I thought of scouts AGM too. I felt relieved that I'm finally gonna pass down to someone else to do the job =) Then I'll have more time to focus on my own private life. Studies, friends, family outings and love <3

Recently I don't know what has happened to me but I'm into all the girls stuffs-clothes, bangles, shopping?? Seriously? How can I? I thought I was suppose to remain tomboyish forever. But things can change unexpectedly...I guess ._. And I also guess I was influence by my vain sis. She just have to bring back new blouses, new bangles, new earrings, new hairbands every time she comes back home from KL. She poisoned my mind. So...there was a Padini sales in dataran pahlawan yesterday...and...I...bought...a...pink...hooded shirt T_T But its not a crime to love those stuffs right? Stores are there for you to enjoy :-) ~shopaholic. Don't worry, I'm not one yet :P Besides, because of the sales, the shirt only cost RM9 and I bought it after I tried on sooooooooo many other fittings. I'm still sane. Still the sandra you used to know =) And I'm gonna wear it tomorrow hehe.

Ok yes yes I admit, I've became more "girl" or should I say "SS" but hey! I'm not the only one~~

Things I plan to buy before school reopens :
1. A new vinci watch. I'm lusting for it.
2. A new pencil case...colorful one.
3. Some flowery clothes. Not the ones from Soda because damn! They are so expensive.
4. Face and body cream. Just finished mine.
5. Shampoo. Finishing...

P.s. I still miss you. And I miss going to genting too.

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