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  Shopping in KL
The good thing about shopping in KL is that they have a super wide variety of stuffs to choose from. Too many stores, too little time. We skipped many unaffordable stores and landed only in stores that offered discounts. Well that's how I shopped. This is what I call smart and effective shopping.

Started shopping from 1.30pm and stopped at 7.30pm. 6 hours ~_~ but what did I buy? 2 bangles and a skirt(sharing with sis). That's all. Did I waste 6 hours of my life by buying only 3 things? Obviously I did. Mum said "Aiyoh, why didn't buy more??" I thought parents are suppose to stop us from spending too much? I guess mum is not my mum but she's my sister =.= Total cash spent on shopping is RM25 haha like I said, only buy discounted items. My motto for shopping. A new one actually because I've just only started to like love shopping =) Honestly speaking, I spent more on food. Went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market with sis and her friends and the bill for only me and my sis is already RM36! Die man! Cost of living in KL is so high. What more in overseas... We had dinner in a korean restaurant where we shared a plate of glass noodles and a drink that cost us RM20... haih... We also bought an ice cream cup, cant remember the name, cost us RM6.80. To me, ice cream is worth paying...? because it was niceee.

Ok the bad thing about shopping in KL is that you have to dress highly or else when you enter a high class or branded store, the people there will follow you around as if we were desperate and would steal their things. Some stores were so busy with their european customers that they don't care entertaining us. And KL parents are really parents that kids would dream of having. I've came across around 3 parents that ask their kids what they want to buy in an expensive shop. They are indeed, willing to spend. Don't know whether raising their kids this way can spoil them.

I wanted to buy a pencil case because mine was stolen at a scout camp. So went to Teddy Tales and didn't find a nice one. Though they have discount and the cheapest pencil case I could find was RM4.90 but the design was ugly, not my type at all. Then went to Girls, the shop where I bought my previous pencil case. But their designs have gotten childish and ugly too, very disappointing. I thought I could find a nice one. Failed to get myself a pencil case T_T Then took a bus back and had roti tissue and teh tarik before heading back to my sis dorm. And then here I am, in front of the computer. Haven't bathe yet >< haha

P.S. : Will continue shopping tomorrow, but this time, mum, dad and bro joining lol.

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