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  Singapore scouts visit
This happened yesterday but I'm typing it all out now. Was too tired yesterday. I reached school at 7.25am and the first problem I get is the canteen that will be preparing lunch said that there is no water! Omg -o- First problem of the day. But luckily Nigel, yu heng and khay tze helped to carry pails of water from tap to canteen and so first problem was solved ._.

Ok then school was over and around 12.10pm, can't remember whether its xin ying or angeline that told me "Eh Mr chay say Singapore on the way d le". Then I cuak. They we 50 minutes earlier than expected. We're not prepared yet, wei hao haven't finish doing his clues. That was the second problem which caused a hay-wire to everything...

But lets just think about the happy things that happened. First we showed them a slide show of last year's activity. Then we went to the canteen for lunch where we took some photos of us and Singapore scouts.
We are in the grey shirt and Singapore are in the white shirt =)

And then it was time for games X] Tie 2 persons legs with a string and walk for a distant. Except this is not only 2 person, this is around 14 person. Can you imagine it? Most of them enjoyed but later complained that their ankle was painful haha.

Chelsea having fun as always ^^

khay tze, don't tear your trousers please

This guy fell with slow motion with his face flat onto the ground, it was so funny man! I told Ryan and I laugh and laugh XD Then he showed me this picture, thank you for taking this picture cause' I wanna continue laughing haha

Then it was the Treasure Hunt.

Wei hao was explaining Treasure Hunt. He said "after you answered your quiz, you have to find me, I can be anywhere, even the girl's toilet" haha

Clues can be anywhere...

They have to search all the unexpected and weird and "funny" spots

Even at a tree...

And when you've found it, you know what to do.

Answer the quiz...

some tried very hard

some were tired

but some were still excited :)

Then it was the closing ceremony.

Lucky draws. Prizes are 2009 Carnival shirt and badges. The funny thing was that the 3 guys who won the carnival shirts are the 3 most active guys.

I only remembered his name "Benny"

There was a game where 1 Singapore scout had to choose 7 St. David scouts, then this guy(forgot his name) chose sarina first haha

He got a set of badges.

1st prize

2nd prize by chah wei's group

3rd prize for Treasure Hunt won by khay tze's group

souvenir made by zhi wei, TQ ^^

and a souvenir from our school

Souvenir for every Singapore scout. Made by zhi wei, yi zhi, chah wei, celine, nee yen, poh, victor, yeong yik

Singapore gave us a statue of Baden Powell as a souvenir

Program books made by (from left) agnes, sarina, guek(top), peong(bottom), fong. They really put a lot of effort man, see how nice the program books are. Thank you!

Took pictures before giving them away haha

We had so so so so so much fun. And I mean it, everyone was really having fun !! Here are some pictures if ya' don't believe me ;)

From left : Chah wei, singapore scout(sorry I can't remember his name), yi zhi.

xin ying pushed them haha

When someone falls, its just funny XD

Even the teacher is playing

From left : Wei liang, benny, zhen wang, victor and sarina(front).

I can't say that the whole event ran smoothly, because obviously there are quite a few problems and it also ended very late, not as planned. But I must thank the organizing committee who really helped a lot, really a lot. Thanks 1. xin ying for the pusat sumber 2. angeline for your support and smile in everything 3. wei hao, aaron, liang chun, yeu jian and jia jin for the games 4. peong, agnes, sarina, fong and guek for the best program books I've ever seen 5. sarina, agnes and kai lin for taking so many memorable photos 6. wen xian and liang chun for buying water for Singaporeans (last minute) 7. zhi wei, yi zhi, chah wei, nee yen, celine, poh, victor and yeong yik for the souvenirs (butterfly) 8. zhi wei for the watch tower souvenir 9. all Singaporeans including Ms Minna, Mr Chia, Mr Pandian and others for your patience 10. all St. David scouts for your willingness to participate in all events :) 11. angeline and steven for the food. Thank you everyone for making it (can say it is almost) a success!


Till we meet again =)

*Nigel wasn't in because he was taking this photo.*

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