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I live on three things : food, inspiration and ♥

I'm bizarre ;)

"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
The best days, by Taylor Swift.


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1. What is your dream when you were a small kid?
to be rich rich rich and to meet prince charming -_-

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
to have met most of all the people I have met =)

3. What do you wish to have right now?
I want so many things right now

4. When is the last time you horse laughed?
just this morning, during school tuition XD

5. What did you realise recently?
to appreciate all the things and people I know, and don't be envy of others

6. Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
do the things I love to do / stare at the wall the whole day ==

8. What are you afraid of losing?
my current life

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
graduate from university =0

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
definitely hide :S

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
i. negative thinkers who always discourage others
ii. friends who care for you only when they feel like it
iii. Fake people who are really FAKE FAKE FAKE... FAKERS

12. Define loneliness.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
yep I think so

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
really really touched was 3 years ago...recently no

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
not yet

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently.
-forgot the title- ==''

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
you <3

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
my add maths...scored really bad in exam T_T

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
watch tv with family =)

20. Is there someone you can share whateva with?
o yea!

tag: you, you & you!

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