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  Those were the days =)
I'm suppose to study biology now but here I am, in front of my computer, blogging :D

Well, I have no idea how I started thinking about those days... I miss them =( I miss hanging out/lepak with my friends, going bowling, watching movies or just having a nice cup of coffee in oldtown...together... I miss that carefree feeling which I don't feel anymore all thanks to SPM which is not even around the corner, but everyday is one step closer to SPM. Holidays is coming and gals, we MUST go out or I'll die ...

And now that my king scout camp is over, I don't think I'll ever go to camp again, but if given the chance, I think I will :) I miss that Jaya camp we had in December when we were form 3. It was so fun on the third day. It was raining the whole night that our tents were flooded and almost flew away. We slept in a classroom and there were hell lots of mosquitoes that only attacked me. Not fair! But at least I have sweeter blood than others, haha. Then the next morning we had our breakfast in the classroom. It was freaking cold at that time because it was still raining and was very early in the morning. We shivered like worms and used the stove to warm our hands. Wen xian was the joker and xin ying was our mother, the whole camp was really fun man! And last year in December, we had our 40km hiking camp, wow that was another fun experience. While washing dishes beside the drain, yee ling say wa I miss doing this(wash dishes), lol I didn't know people can miss this kind of things, then fan kiat said "you miss ah? you come my house, I pay you, you wash everyday la." On the second night, me, siu ee, melvin, joel, fan kiat and liang chun stayed up late to draw maps. The others were asleep. We chatted while drawing maps. Siu ee saw a red ant and killed it, then fan kiat said, "eh wait that ant 'poon' (call) its friends all come attack you" lol. We chatted until halfway fan kiat fell asleep so melvin and I took some pictures of him sleeping. Don't worry, I deleted already cause he called me a stalker == I'm not, ok.... I miss camping ><

And school have became a stressful place. Teachers have became so "kan cheong" (panic) trying to finish every subject's syllabus. And we had to follow like cows being pulled at the nose. But it was still fun going to school. Once Mr. Lye wanted to return the really big and long manila string he borrowed from scouts. So me, angeline, benjamin and liang chun went to help carry it back to the scout house. Mr. Lye gave us a trolley and you should know what we students/small kids would do with a trolley. Yup, we played with it by standing on it and pulling each other around. It was fun XD And when we wanted to tie the big and long string so that it was easier to carry, I ask the guys(benjamin and liang chun) to tie because I was having backstrain and my back was really painful. But benjamin like don't believe me, he said "My hair very pain le.." What the heck...How can hair feel pain, there's no pain receptors there. I'm being scientific I know, because I just studied Bio. Then liang chun ask me what ikatan(knot) to use to tie the string, then I said any knot will do. So he tied...but he was taking too long, so I said "you tie what? Why so long?" Then I went to help him and told him how to tie. Then he said "you say tie anything, then now you tell me what to tie" Then I said "ok la ok la, tie whatever you want la" ==|| Oh and after pulling the trolley(benjamin and liang chun was standing on top of it) my back really hurt like hell because of my backstrain. They're really cruel man, I ask them to pull me they don't want, but when I offered to pull, both guys quickly stand on top of it. Anyway, it was fun =D

Those were the days... And everytime me and my group of friends gather around for a chat, it always end with laughter and tears(of happiness, especially angeline) Her tears splash out like waterfall because hui shan keep making us laugh, the joker of our gang X). I'm looking forward to our holiday activities. Bowling or movies or even sports. Whatever will do as long I'm with all of you :D

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