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  Life is fun when we have so many things to do
Today we finally finished our last paper (bio) except for those who are taking Chinese. But my life never stops working. I still have to prepare for the Singapore scouts visit on Friday, which is in two days time. What a busy life but honestly, I enjoy my life, tiring but fun. When I'm busy, I feel alive. Ok so I'm suppose to prepare my speech but here I am blogging...again... :D I think I'm beginning to be addicted...Oh no! Blog addicts XD

School today was fun, we became a bit "syok sendiri" and took photos of ourselves. *smile* =) I'll upload the photos after my friend upload it. We used our friend's camera. And I ate nasi lemak for recess. In case if you don't know, I have been eating nasi lemak everyday recess. But a few days ago I have been eating homemade food by my mum who was suddenly so enthusiastic to wake up so early to prepare breakfast and recess lunch. Grandma couldn't prepare because she's having back strain. Heal fast mama. Food is not as nice as yours. It's been almost 2 weeks, but the pain haven't subside, it could be osteoporosis. Anyway, finally today I am reunited with my favourite nasi lemak. But today the sambal was damn hot man! Not as usual...

Then I'm back from school typing my blog and chatting with wei hao as usual. Wow I chat with him whenever we're both online. And the person I sms most with is him. My sms bill is already so high thanks to you =.= During the June holidays I'm going to switch to the 2 cents per sms package, the one that you're having now, its not fair that your sms to me is only 2 cents but when I sms you its, I think is 15 cents? Not sure -_- And we always play with smiley faces in MSN haha here are those new ones we invented on that day of our "smiley face competition" 8-) (person with glasses) @_# (person that has been punched) !_! (till now I have no idea what this is) P_d W_M (random inverted-alphabet face) $_$ (this is edmund haha) Anyway, wei hao just went to study because he still have exam tomorrow but he can't resist MSN. And then he on MSN again and we started fighting again but this time its "space-bar war", which means sending empty messages in MSN. We are really like small kids man..............................................................................And then finally he obeys me, and went to study :) he's such a good dog, and he loves dogs haha Ok my chat buddy is off to bury himself in Chinese and Maths and also Civics books so I'm also off to prepare my speech for Friday.

Ok then, this is all for now.

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