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  What's school for?
Here I am blogging, ignoring the fact that I have school tomorrow, not to mention I haven's done my physics and maths homework...............................................

I read Starmag today, like I do every Sunday. This section always have so many things to be shared, you wouldn't want to miss it out. Just today, especially today, there's 2 stories about the life as a cook. Well, since I have decided 99% to make cooking as my career in the future, this 2 stories caught my eye. The 1st story said that the cook succeeded, not in opening a restaurant because she said it will be tiring and what if your cooks didn't turn up? But she created her name in the market by teaching other cooks from different restaurant companies. And she has a house converted into a mini hotel where she also gives culinary courses. Cool isn't it? Seriously this is something different and unique. The 2nd story however said that the cook stopped after 6 months as a hawker. She claimed 2 famous cooks complimented her food but she went back to office job because business wasn't good enough to cover the rent. But she believes : I haven't failed, I just had 10,000 ideas that didn't worked. At least she tried :)

I wonder what school is for, because not everything you learn in school is needed when you graduate, not every job requires biology or chemistry. This is what people tell me :

Dad : You go to school to learn, but you don't just learn those subjects taught, you learn many other things as well, you will know what they are when you've learned them.

Mum : Aiya... All the things you learned in school, you will definitely need to apply it in your life.

Bro (13 years old) : I want to play with my friends in school > badminton. =.=

Soon aik : School is not only about studying, it's also about building up your character through activities, example~scouts xD

Me? I have my own definition, or should I say, equation xD

School = learning a lot of science + learning maths (seriously important and useful) + searching for yourself + meeting new people + knowing your friends more + making the best out of yourself (if you take schooling in a positive way) + being responsible and meeting your deadline (passing up homeworks on time) + have fun (especially during PJ) + knowing your goal in life + learning from other people (even from your enemies)
Okok, put it in an easier way, school is where you learn many things and discover yourself. Do your studying because you want to achieve, not for the teachers' sake.

So I better go do my homework now xP

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