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  Librarian farewell party
I woke up 10.30am today! At least, earlier than usual weekends. Did some studying, went out for lunch with parents, came home to jog then went for tuition. Then, went to Bayview Hotel for my very last librarian farewell party. This time it feels really easy and excited because we aren't the ones organizing it =)

This party was the best in 5 years of librarian parties! A good dress, good shoes, good food, good place, good drama, good friends, good hotel workers, good photos ----> AMAZING farewell party x>

We were kinda late because I was still changing in the toilet and zhi wei were still tying xin ying and hui shan's hair. Their toilet were even more beautiful than my bedroom... Wth =.=

We went upstairs and each of us tied a rose at our wrist. I got number 74 (lucky draw) but didn't win. I voted zhi yun as best dress xD but chee hui min won lol.

Drama was great! Really funny man! xD Daniel and guek damn cute

Oh ya ya, and mung xun is so siao
! Me and hui shan and everyone else laugh like crazy people! He's like super sot ! He talks like a very high person... Eh you know what, I think you got the potential to be a joker/emcee =)

Anyway, thank you to all librarians! You guys really rox!

P.s :I miss you even at the peak of happiness =)

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