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  miss badminton
After scout marching today, me and zhi wei saw yi zhi and chah wei and friends playing badminton, so we joined in, xin ying played as well, but she left early because her dad came to pick her already. I miss badminton sial...


Yes blame me, like you always do. And blame others as well. Think you have what it takes to be like us? You think its easy? Its damn hard, and guess what? You have no idea how to do the things we do. So shut your mouth! Stop being so negative and discouraging. You should know very well that we are trying to do our best, yet you "ngek ngek ngek" non-stop, and shoot us in all the mistakes we do. Maybe one day you should be given this kind of stress, then you will know how hard it is, and how to shut your mouth :) Figure out yourself!


P.S. You suck, you know that??

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