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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
The best days, by Taylor Swift.


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  I discovered myself
Recently, I'm addicted to badminton again. Recently, I love to skip rope! Recently, I'm so excited cos I can't wait to go to genting. Recently i just realized my waist is expanding. Recently, I realized my dream. Recently, I started working on it. Recently, I got to know what my heart really wants to tell me. Recently, I realized I don't know how to earn money but I surely knows how to spend them. And recently I just discovered myself =)

Have you???
If you have, then congratulations. But if you haven't, then I guess you better hurry, only you alone can figure yourself.

Nothing much happened today... Played badminton after scouts again, this time with xin ying, wei hao and yu heng. Then came back home, then went for tuition, then sms with wei hao, then walked the treadmill, then ate dinner, then here I am, blogging while listening to my hand phone radio. Hey I miss something out - I haven't bathe!

Damn! Saw your face today and I feel like shoo-ing you away... You commented on me twice already because of two things, but how can you? You were there, but you didn't know what REALLY happened ok??? You don't like me, then don't come near me! And I won't go near you! Fair???

My blog is my electronic diary, which holds no secrets but tells a tale of a lifetime.

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