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  St. David Carnival 2010
As it was my last year in St. David, I wanted to enjoy myself to the MAX! Especially on this special carnival day. But I didn't think I could because I had scouts duty T_T However, happiness doesn't always come in the most obvious form, sometimes it comes to you in a hidden way =) Little did I know that picking rubbish could actually be so fun.

My shift was from 11pm to 1pm. 2 hours. 2 damn LONG hours under the damn HOT sun. But time didn't crawl, it walked =) Especially when you're picking rubbish with small kids. They're so fun! Singing while picking till I joined in as well. And because they're still young (small kids), they see everything as an opportunity to play. Loveeee daniel kwan and lim li yih, both of them are so adorable and super fun! Another one is gim hwang, he is such a talker and a crazy fella'. We kept telling each other that our duty time is going to be over and then we're free so that we won't get bored =.=

Then after duty, I must finish using all my coupons because I have RM25 total. Too much! Extra RM5 was because wei hao owe me money, and he paid in coupon form =.= He was trying to get rid of his coupons... Anyway, I used it in rock climbing xD This is the first time I actually reached the top man! Tried it twice in Genting already but always fail to complete because I'm afraid of heights =S After I came down, my hands were sooooooooooo tired and numb!

Then went for scout duty again... And had fun with those small kids again...

After cleaning up, a kind uncle (I think he's from kopitiam) said he would like to give all the extra nasi lemak, drinks and keropok to all the scouts. Wow~~ so good of him =) Everyone of us took a packet of nasi lemak, a cup of coke or sarsi (not sure) and a few packet of keropok, and I could see that they were happy, especially the form 1. They went to a table, sat together, and ate their lunch, enjoying every spoonful of nasi. Maybe that's why i just love kids. Free food after a day of work. Easily contented with simple things =)

Rubbish settled, next is my class stall! Well, didn't help them to clean up because I had to make sure the school was clean... Sorry guys... And I also missed the part where we throw ice at each other T.T But when I got back, there were still ice, so you know what happens next then... FUN FUN FUN

After attacking ice at wei qi, hui shan and angeline xD and taking some pictures of our classmates together, we went home, I bathed, didn't sleep, then went for tuition. I'm exhausted!

What a day to remember...

P.s. Oh yes. I can live without you. But with your presence, I'm certain everything will be more memorable =) Too bad, you missed today.

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