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I'm bizarre ;)

"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
The best days, by Taylor Swift.


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I'm saying sorry now. I shout it a thousand times a day from this place that you can't hear me from. I say thank you and sorry and I scream it through the trees, over the mountains, pour my love into the lakes and I blow kisses into the wind, hoping that they will reach you. ~A place called here, Cecelia Ahern~

Why do I sound so depressing _._ okok stop stop ...
I'm bored of studying but test is next Monday haih... just don't have the mood.

Slept at 2am last night, don't know why feeling so emo == I was doing add maths and at the same time, I was listening to love song on HITZ FM with my hand phone radio. Then my dad entered the room, he was just back from work, it was 11pm already.

He look at my hand phone with the radio wire and...

dad : what is this?
me : hand phone radio la -.-
dad : eh you know if you connect the radio line wire to the window grill, you can make the whole window grill become the antenna.
me : ha ==?

both of us : xD

He had been coming home late for a few weeks already all thanks to the company he's working for is changing their system, everyone had to work extra.

And there's a new HITS. FM song sang by hits dot FM boys xD so funny la, they use katy perry popsicle song but they use their lyrics. You must hear it!

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