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  me love today =)
Two wonderful things happened today.

First, we, scouts, won 3rd in marching competition. After one really exhausting month, and not to mention they only had 3 days to learn their formation, they still did it. I am so proud of you guys! Yes, I forced you all to aim for first place because I believe that when you aim higher, you will work harder. And well even if we didn't get first, it doesn't matter =) Forget all the mistakes some of you accidentally made. We work as a team. We received RM100 and a trophy. And for the segak competition (the badan beruniform that has the most people wearing their uniform on every Wednesday for the month of July) we got 1st lol. We got a hamper lol. But the most important thing was we all enjoyed while practicing, the volleyball part was damn funny man! and we created new commands like half/quarter step back lol.

I wanted to divide those snacks in the hamper to all the kawad kaki scouts. But they said they rather keep it for the party, they wanted to share it with the committee. Wow =) I thought they would be happy if they get to bring something home. But I was wrong, they only had to know they were good and was the 3rd place title. They didn't need all these snacks. I've known this a long time ago. It hit me in the face. I guessed I've forgotten. These cute funny little kids sometimes know more than I do.

Thank you Jia Jin, yi zhi, nee yen, chah wei, darren, nicholas, bing yan, chin tee, yong yik, megan, victor, zhen wang, chia hoe, khay tze, tze ying, wei sze a.k.a burger, shin yuan, ling xin and yew kuan =)

Second thing is I got my friend back -> Gim hwang =), its the best thing someone can wish for. We started talking again today. I know we have been avoiding each other for about 2 weeks already because of...... I wanna forget *** forgotten =)

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