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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
The best days, by Taylor Swift.


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  My dad, my inspiration
Just 2 days ago, my parents went to KL again... for the 100++ times, leaving me and my bro at home. What for? To settle their beloved properties. To my dad, his apartments are his most valuable things. His most most most valuable is still his family lar... =) When they came home at about 11pm, dad came to my room. I started asking him stuffs about his valuable things. One thing about my dad, he can talk about properties for hours without stopping. His passion for searching non-stop for the most desired apartments in KL, Putrajaya... but with wisdom, quick speed and a sharp mind, he never fail to buy them at low prices. He has about ... its a family secret :) Actually he can just retire already, let the rents collected do the spending but he can't stop. "I've built up this empire. I can't stop now. Its like starting an orchard. The trees just grow and the fruits fall. Then you plant the seeds and more trees grow and more fruits fall." Its a passion. My dad is my inspiration. But the sad thing is I don't seem to have the same interest as he does. My passion is different. I would say baking. And my sis, sewing. Perhaps when I'm older, I might pour some interest in properties and probably continue what my dad is doing now.

One day when you get tired of working for people, you might want to start thinking of making money work for you.

It's not impossible. My dad knows how. Year by year he's teaching his 3 children, passing down this knowledge, a very valuable one indeed. Not easily mastered. Not something the teachers in school will lecture about.

I have a dream. The journey will be tough. But I'm willing to try.
With every step filled with challenges. And every challenge has its own obstacles. But I'm willing to fight.
In every battle I may not win, but I will learn each time I lose

Dad, just wait and see, one day I'll make you proud.
Right now I'm just doing my best for the upcoming battle-SPM

Life is a game. Play it well and you're move on to the next level. For me, SPM is just level 1.

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