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  Thank you for everything
"Wa you so big already hor... Last time I see you, you so small..." Sounds familiar? This is what all your aunties and uncles would when they see you, all the time! My mother's side, I have 2 aunties and 7 uncles. Imagine that! One big happy family. And my cousins... So many of them *_*

I guess maybe it's because I'm 17 already so...

2nd aunty : Your teeth got small small lines in between, go and fill up la, put cement, go Air Tawar do, the dentist there very good, he do for me, see mine...
me : mi, where is Air Tawar?
mum : Perak
me : 0_0

uncle : Your eye brow not so even, go and buy the kepit kepit, take home and pull! ow~ pull! ow~
me : haha but this is natural beauty la
uncle : Yala fill up your teeth la, if not cannot find boyfriend.
me : haiyo ==!!

Because of my grandma's death, most of my cousins and uncles and aunties came together and... we bonded =) Out of all the things I thanked my grandma for, this is one of them.

mum : eh later when they bring out the coffin, you all cannot look up and have to crawl until they bring the coffin into the van ah.
cousin : crawl ah #.#

While praying on Sunday night, my bro accidentally drop some ashes from his joss stick onto one of my cousins leg and then...
bro : sorry sorry ^^
me and yao yao : xD

My grandma was buried in Nirvana memorial park.

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