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  3 weeks
Lately, my posts are all so short. So here's a long one, if I can write long enough.

Tonight at chemistry something embarrassing happened man! I drew my wei qi's finger, then I laughed, then teacher called my name... haih...

teacher : sandra, repeat my first sentence
me : ah ._. sulphuric acid is stronger...? <-- friend whispered to me lol
teacher : sulphuric acid is stronger than hydrochloric acid! Right correct! You see, so easy, why they want to ask this kind of question right? People don't listen, talk alot (he meant me)
me : @_@ .....

but in my heart, it's T___T

What's the one of the jobs that only humans can do and not machines?
Answer is postman! xD

Watched Dear John just now, not my type of story. It was almost like The notebook, just not my type.

Anyway, confirmed I'm going to KL next year immediately in January. All I have after SPM is 3 weeks. 3 weeks huh?

I want to learn driving and hopefully pass it. No, I must pass it, or else once I start college, it'll be freaking hard to practice driving. Yes I want to work too though I failed my previous job, badly and ashamed but it's not a discouragement, it's a lesson =) An old friend of mine, Tong yong, asked me whether I wanna work at Papa John at the new Jusco. He's been working there for so long. Special request I guess, lol. I'm still thinking about it. I'm just worried about my bad hearing, afraid I can't hear clearly what the customers are saying :S Actually after I told him I'll be going to college in January he actually told me to rest and relax. But you see, rest and relax ain't something you need 3 weeks to do. 1 day is enough. Depends on how you love to make yourself feel... relax! Spend 1 day spa-ing, shopping, or an hour everyday playing the computer. Anyhow. You just don't need 3 weeks. Get what I mean? Unless you wanna go holiday, then that's a totally different thing. And did I tell you, I just love to be busy, I actually miss life as scout president, I have at least more than 1 project to work on every month, and I enjoyed it, very much.

Oh yes, the reason I wanna start college early is well, it's kinda hard to say it, so I'm gonna write it =.= I start college in January for the most obvious reason - I want to end early. 6 months do make a huge difference. Right now, I may not know how to tell you, or maybe I know, but I don't want to tell because I'm not sure, or maybe I dunno at all. This is confusing -.- Maybe in a few years time, I'll know, and perhaps, I shall tell ;)

One more thing! Don't wanna lose my current friends now. So make sure you all keep in touch with me ok? Me will also keep in touch. I'll probably come back on most of the weekends.... ok wth What am I babbling about.. It's only September, 4 more months... Let's enjoy every moment, shall we? Every solid and everlasting moment, just like the diamond =)

Ok gotta sleep, good night people/humans/homo sapient and whatever you are ;D

P.S : Always walk towards the light. Leave the dark, there's nothing there anyway.

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