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  giving in to the world?
The world has rules but do we follow them? Think again... I guess not. Corruption is everywhere. Just about two years ago, I, as a little childish girl, told my mum confidently, "I want to write a report to the police and complain about the corruption happening at ... (for safety)". Well, now that I think back, it ain't that easy, it's not about writing the report, more of facing the consequence you will receive by doing so. So should I give in and give up? Give up on changing the world? Giving in to the world?

Part of me feels like stopping! Stop these things I'm doing that most people don't. Stop recycling, stop thinking so much about saving electricity, stop thinking about what hope the world has for itself whenever crime increases. Perhaps stop caring?

However, I just can't and I terribly have no idea why. No matter how tiring, how exhausting, how embarrassing, how it's tearing my brains out, I want to continue striving. Changing the world starts from one step and one person at a time.

P.s. My dear darlings, please save electricity ^^

Remember that it's not about who pays the bill :)

So am I giving in to the world? How about no =)

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