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I remember clearly every weekday night, I'll swallow my dinner, chewing as fast as possible just so I can be sitting on sofa before 8.30pm. (or was it 9.30pm?) to watch the series pokemon.

Jowayne : Hahahha.. Every advertisement, There's this thing "What's that Pokemon?" Syok sial..
Fan kiat : Who's that Pokemon?? Its Pikachu !! XD
Jowayne : When u see a new pokemon or the thing evolve.. My head like wan explode .. Exciting..hahaha

In the end, pikachu didn't evolve to raichu right? Happy to be just as he is.

Me : i miss jigglypuff and her singing haha
Wen Xian : Sandra call mun xun sing for u.... he look like tat pokemon...
Me : but when he sing wont make us sleep, will make us gila and deaf haha

Almost in every series, jigglypuff will appear (out of nowhere =='') and sing and make everyone fall asleep (her power). Then she gets angry because every is sleeping and not listening to her sing, so she draw their faces. Cute la... haha Jigglypuff is round and pink and has a little bit of curly pink hair on the front forehead haha, I still remember :)

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