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  Secret Recipe

Just filled myself up with a piece of the finest cake-Secret Recipe :) while waiting for my sis to habis kerja at Kenny Rodger's. 2 days ago, I went to mahkota to wait for her and mum also treated me a piece... So I ate 2 pieces already... yumm :D And now I'm blogging, while listening to Vanilla Twilight. How much prettier can life get?

Tied my hair in plates (is the spelling correct ==?) and my bro said I look like 12 years old, and my friends call me "xiu mui mui" haih... BUT, I may tie like this to school everyday till I get bored ;)

I just can't wait for SPM to cepat cepat habis! Then I wanna flee to KL! Cause I got my dream to pursue... And I just can't wait to get started.

And just a few days ago, my mum told me that SPM trial is really important because if your real SPM results ain't that good, you can request them to remark but first, they will look at your trials marks, and if you didn't too good, they won't remark. So people! Good luck and all the best!

Someone once said : You want me to wish you good luck or all the best? lols

Anyway, here's something I wanna share.

We all have that boy; he's the boy we try to pretend we aren't looking for as we make our way to class. He's the boy that we lie about and claim to not care about anymore. He's the boy that gives you the cliche butterflies, complete with the weakness in the knees. He's the boy we're thinking about as we read this. I think every single girl has this boy, and every single girl will remember him forever - he's not the one for us, but he'll always be somewhere in our hearts.

I freaking hate it when I finally decided to stop thinking about you, then when I see you, I change mind all over again.

I'm posting so many topics in one post, mostly all craps. Saya tau, saya banyak swt =.=''

P.s Kids hari ini cakap bahasa melayu xD

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