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  time wasted
Yesterday I went to school, thought I can get back my Bio paper and Mr. Tam can teach, but no it didn't happen =.= waste my time go to school. At least get to play during PJ. We almost played baseball, but we went to look for a teacher, couldn't find, then went back to school field, then we played football, then played discus, then played javelin, all in 30 minutes lol. Mr. Sasi said "My god! You are the jock of all... (can't remember hehe)". Then after school, came back and played restaurant city in facebook!!! Ahhhhhh..... Waste my time, played for hours while chatting with wei hao, talk about old age somemore =.= then went to study, a while only went for tuition already, in tuition couldn't really concentrate, kept talking to friends haih... Zhi wei and Wei qi, this is all your fault xD After tuition watched movie at home haih, time wasted. Then today woke up at 11am, watch TV, then play RC again!! Ahhh.... this RC ahh.... haih, then studied a while, then now blogging =.= I think blogging is also wasting my time lol. K have to tuition already. Where got time to study -.-?

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