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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
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  17 things
Here's seventeen things about me, just for the fun of it ;)

1. When I'm quiet, it means I'm thinking, so you don't have to ask "sandra, you ok ma?" [Wei qi, note this! haha]
2. I have mood swings... Deal with it! ;D
3. Actually I'm quite sensitive, perasan and emo ==...
4. Revenge is never needed, it's bullshit!
5. When friendship is tested, don't take the test! haha
6. I question myself about many things and often make myself dizzy @_@
7. Always dreaming the impossible
8. I don't know how to let go (it's really hard...)
9. I don't know how to multitask and I don't care trying anymore
10. I don't smoke, I don't hurt, I don't kill... But I curse a lot, just so you know
11. Recently, I feel as though I'm losing a lot of friends, as though they're being taken away from me.
12. Everyone has their own fights in life, don't say your life is harder.
13. I just love to laugh, it's my nature.
14. I don't cry in front of anybody and never will. Too egoistic perhaps.
15. Beauty is useless if you got no brains.
16. I have the fear of going to college.
17. I'm proud to call myself a seventeen year old girl!

smile :)

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