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Just a few days ago, my mum told me that Aaron yap has tumor and shen wey, cinyi and matthew all knew but I didn't know. I feel bad... Aaron was my swimming partner, always competing with me when he was only about 11 and I was 14. See the difference... But hell he was around the same speed as me :) We were always competing against each other for a few years, sometimes me win, sometime he win. As he got older, he got faster and soon he was competing with cinyi. Me? I was in group 2 already, unable to catch up -.- Then he stopped swimming and started tennis. Haih... And now... operation to remove the tumor in his spinal cord. From the chubby little boy I used to know who would splash water when he lost to me and would swim around and talk a lot when he won me is now all grown up! Get well soon :D I don't wanna lose my partner!

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