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I live on three things : food, inspiration and ♥

I'm bizarre ;)

"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
The best days, by Taylor Swift.


[H]ui [S]han

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Some guys leave you in awe, some make you laugh, some are good-hearted weirdos ;), some are childhood friends, some are big brothers, some are good friends, some guys tell you how strong you are, some guys show you how strong they are, some sweep you off your feet, some you never had the chance to thank them, some you never had the chance to know them, some are just like you in so many ways, some can shout really loud, some can be way better than who they are and some help you to find yourself.

yours truly,
Sandra ;)

P.s. No matter what or who, "he" is never gonna be the last man you're ever gonna love.

That time my friends were talking about this song -> wo ai ni, ni ai ta, ta ai ta, ta ai ta.... and so on -.- Well I think this statement below suits the song :)

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