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Baking and ordering around in my very own restaurant, furnished beautifully by my own creativity is my ultimate dream. However, I would love to be a well-known event organizer, traveling around full filling people's demand on creating the very best parties, ballroom dinners or even family activities. But I would simply accept if given the chance to design dresses and gowns for all kinds of occasions. And I don't mind working as a professional marketing manager moving from company to company settling deals. I'm in an ocean of choices. And I'm really lost.

I know I can't have it all. Starting my own restaurant is gonna need a whole big modal and to get it, I'm gonna have to work first. I should just cancel that designer dream, because I don't think I'm going to do it anyway -.- The rest is undecided.

And today, one of my friend said she must get Matrix because it's free. Haih... Well, I never really thought about money for university. My dad is not rich. He can afford, that's all. And after hearing her say that, I feel bad. I never had to worry about the fees. BUT I'm sure she'll be much stronger and tougher than me :)

Today school is so fun and weird xD Mr. Tam took a lot of class photos. And met wei hao, gim hwang and ryan outside teacher's ofiice. Aahhh............ I'm gonna miss St. David. I'm gonna miss my classmates after 5 years with them and those that I played softball with haha. I'm gonna miss wei hao, ryan, gim hwang, aaron and all scouts. When I first met them, they were so tiny and skinny but now even wei hao (the shortest) is taller than me =.=, can't believe they're the seniors of scouts now. Time flies. I'll miss the view of the school from the highest floor outside 5sc1 classroom. I'll miss all the dedicated teachers who made sure I score my best in all exams and now in the upcoming SPM. I'll miss all the boys haha. I'll miss the girls too :D I'll miss the school field where I had all the PJ games and all the camps. I'll even miss all the cold and dark hallways and staircases. I'll miss the toilets and it's broken doors. I'll miss the nasi lemak xD and the kicap haha. And most of all I miss nenek stories and the friends in it =D


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