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I can't believe I'm so shallow. I used to think that SPM is only to test your knowledge after 5 years of schooling. I was right, but there's more to it besides proving to everyone that you're a smart child.

Even though I got straight A (mixture of A-, A and A+) for SPM trial, mum asked me to aim for straight A+, she said I'd make my dad proud. I think most probably because my dad was top student during his year and it might make him proud if I could more or less, do the same. However, honestly, I don't think I'm that smart lol.

And today, my Bio teacher, Pn. Mak said that most parents will first see how serious their children are in SPM and then decide how much they are willing to put in for their children's future. So? waddya think? -.-?

mum, dad : SPM coming d lo... I don't see you panic also... panic or not?
me : no ^^

Ok......... I'm not gonna promise anyone anything but I'll definitely do my best because if I don't, I'll be asking myself, "What the hell did I spend 11 years in school and can't even pick up the subjects?!!?? " ^^. And today Pn. Mak gave me a book of 2009 SPM trial Bio questions of eight states. She asked me to read it and return to her on Wednesday. Damn thick you know the book! @_@

Oh and for those that doesn't know, say hello to my braces ^^ I look like ugly betty =.=''

Today when I was explaining to kai lin about the carta gantt, then angeline said I talk very cute because of my braces =.=!! But I still think I look like ugly betty! haih...

Cute sunset eh? :)

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