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  leaving soon
As we all know, school is gonna end pretty soon. 5 years in St. David High seems like a really long time, but when I'm about to leave, I feel as though just a couple of days ago, I was only form 1. High school helped me grow into who I am today, and when I say high school, I meant all the people in it. In the future, I want to be able to look back and smile as I walk down my high school memory lane because hell yeah it was the time of my life. When I was in form 1, I've already had the greatest birthday party of my life that I'll never forget. And I'm lucky to be given the chance to go to SEED camp with angeline, tristan and daniel. I miss those times man! Especially the camera part haha, hope you guys still remember, and I miss the luxurious Istana hotel rooms and the delicious food and CHOCOLATES xD Being the president of scouts was an honour. I'm glad of being part of St. David. Swimming competition every year was exciting, played in the MBMB playground with agnes, khay syeen, cin yi and stephanie, sometimes we went jalan-jalan in DP and ate cotton candy :D. When I was in form 3, me, angeline, and meera played the electric organ for the 3 songs sang every Monday. It was that assembly stage that taught me to be confident while talking in front of so many people. And it was the teachers who helped me score straight A in my PMR.

And it was also my friends who taught and showed me things I didn't know. Angeline is really friendly and you can talk to her about just anything though sometimes she can sesat but she's sooo cute xD Zhi wei critisize me a lot but I have to thank her for this and I noticed both of us were always getting excited over the same thing, great minds think alike? Wei qi is just too romantic - no comment =.= we share so many love secrets since form 2 until now, she's a good friend and always very calm. Hui shan is a joker ^^ and really helpful, you're feel comfortable being with her. Zhi yun is really quiet, but she can be quite a good speaker, though she looks shy on the outside, when it comes to talking in front of many people, she speaks with confident. Shze lin is the charmeleon, her face and shoulder can change colour from yellow normal skin to red skin, weird eh? But extraordinary :D We are the members of nenek stories. And xin ying, she does things perfectly at a slow rate == she's full of info and matured but sometimes her actions are like of a small kid ==. Ervinna takes care of her beauty seriously, I salute her. Huey shin, when you ask her something that she's been meaning to say, she'll talk non-stop :D, Farah is really crazy in a fun way, went to camp and played station game with her, plus, she's the only one who still calls me sandy. Teo's voice is power! haha. Mei juan is still so cute and innocent :D, she's been like that since I met her in form 1. Adele is nice to talk to and apsara is the very gentle one. Sarah is the class genius. Ashmeera will help you if you ask her, she has that hungry-for-knowledge spirit.

Matthew pang is the gentleman who bows. Matthew yap is really friendly and a fun partner to play badminton with. Pavi is the nice guy who would let you play ping pong while other guys would say "wait, I still want to play". Krisna talks cool :D. Pramod talks cooler ;D. And Syahmi.......... always amuse you, helps you when needed and never judge. Pravin has a weird nickname given by me xD Benjamin is the only guy I know who carries weights as a form of exercise ==. Wen xian is the mischievous boy who never fail to make people laugh, he'll help you at difficult times. Liang chun is the guy who has too many ideas, I also pening @_@ And yeu jian is the hardworking one, he'll start work without waiting for orders. Mun xun, his name sounds like monsoon, my dad asked me whether he is north east monsoon or south west monsoon haha, anyway, he is always willing to help and when he walks down the stairs in his librarian uniform, he looks like a polar bear xD And Joshua the maths genius and the good samaritan.

The list goes on.

After SPM, I seriously need to go out and explode! I am so bored now. I want to enjoy my last 3 weeks just like that gingerbread man haha. Good bye people!

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