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  Let's partay !
I needed a little "partying" or "hanging out" and I got it.

Taman Seribu Bunga, Tang Yuan and Scout Night

Woke up early (actually I wake up early everyday) and went to Taman Seribu Bunga. I have to agree with hui shan that it was a beautiful place despite the hot Sun. We took so many photos and saw so many ants, saw a frog swimming lols and a spider with a really beautiful butt haha. Then we went to shze lin's house to make tang yuan. Even though I don't like to eat (because got no taste) I still enjoyed rolling the paste into tiny cute little balls haha. Then we went swimming. Swimming wasn't in our schedule actually. I and wei qi just suddenly felt like doing it =.= Xin ying's swimming pattern was damn funny man! Then after swimming, we ate tang yuen, I still don't like -_- Then went home and bathe and slept.

zhi wei, shze lin, wei qi, me, hui shan, xin ying, zhi yun
[ One big happy family ] ^^

At night, me, zhi wei and xin ying went to Sea Farer restaurant for our scout night. Angeline didn't go because she just recovered from her sickness haih... She should have went because it was so fun. We, form 5 were all late lols. Ate dinner... The fried egg there is soooo nice! And one of the waiters there make us so pek cek lol but he's very funny. He forced us to eat more rice and added even more. He gave Mark and liang chun a mountain of rice and it was already their second plate! And while wen xian wasn't looking, the waiter added more rice to his plate haha. Then after dinner we went to the beach beside the restaurant and soaked our feet in the sea water. The feeling is so good... And the sand is cold. Then we played dums. Liang chun drew squares on the sand just like the floor for the game and we used people to play as the pieces. My group won haha. It was quite fun. Me and guek kept asking each other "eh there can go ah?" And since xin ying early early already mati so she help us make our moves lol. Then they made us, form 5 wait at a place while the new committee hid all our presents in the sand! We had to dig for our own presents but it was quite fun xD My present was actually found by Steven ._. We dig like dogs which was so embarrassing but now that I think of it again, it was actually fun xD

* Group photos are with aaron and kai lin, they haven't uploaded yet.

zhi wei, xin ying, me

kai lin, agnes, sarina, khay syeen

aaron, pon, wei hao, guek, gim hwang

yeu jian, steven, wen xian, mark, liang chun

I'm gonna miss all of you :')

Singapore Universal Studio
Ok I have to admit the place was amazing, just like I expected :D I'm "going to" upload the photos ASAP. Some rides are not completed yet and the place is crowded so me and my family didn't get to play all games. But the rides that we got onto were superb ;) You have got to try it yourself! And their special effects is really something! And their buildings are magnificent & majestic ;D

5sc1 Prom Night
I'm really shocked! Hui shan, Wei qi, Szhe lin... You people are crazee! Sorry to say but hui shan, you don't look like a vampire haha. The food was ok only la, but the chocolate eclairs is really nice, or maybe it's because it's my first time eating one == And I never knew dancing could be so fun... and tiring. When you're on the dance floor, it feels awkward at first, but as you shake your body and jump and put your hands up and just do what everyone else is doing, you'll get high and before you know it, you're dancing, and you're enjoying it xD And before you know it, you're sweating ._.

Top : wei qi, shze lin
Bottom : me, zhi yun, hui shan

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