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In around 10 more days, I'll be in KL, living the life as a college student. I wonder if it'll be any different than the life of a high school student. I wonder if me and my sis can manage our apartment together with our tenants. It sounds scary but it can't avoided. Sooner or later I'm gonna have to live alone. Better now later :D I wonder if I will be careful not to lock myself out of my own apartment =.= Or cook carefully not to burn down my unit -.- Or what if my toilet flush spoiled because I have no idea what to do. Well, this is because I'm pampered. I'm NOT spoilt, just pampered haih... But I'm really trying my best to be more independent.

I am terrified. Horrified. Having phobia perhaps? Afraid to live in a new place. Scared to meet new people with different lifestyle. But how different can Kuala lumpurians and Malaccans be? =='' I think I'm being paranoid.

Move on to driving... My driving really suck suck suck! Or so that's what the teacher said, that my reaction is very slow, I don't understand instruction and I forget to do many things! I feel so f***ed up! And it's really stressing me up!

Luckily got to chat with wei hao and angeline. I feel more relaxed now. I've decided to study foundation in arts. And most probably accounting after that. But I'm not gonna be an accountant. I'll do a job that is related to accounting ==

What I need to do is find myself. I gotta find who I am. I gotta do it fast.

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