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  I'm back!
Right now, I want to go to bed, hug my long-missed red boaster and go to a long sleep since now I'm back home! But, I can no longer seal all these emotions in me that is about to spill out. After 2 weeks in KL without internet, which means without facebook and blog, I feel like dying! But thank God my college has sooo damn many computers and free Wifi ^^ Still, the computers were really old and I didn't really had time to use them because I can't miss the earliest bus. My lifestyle had changed, as wei qi had said == Now I really have to count my money before I spend them and I'm beginning to realize that things are more expensive than I thought. Given a fix amount of pocket money each month, I have to plan my own budget but thankfully I can still afford Subway haha!

And everyday the bus fare cost me RM4 to and fro. I try my best to save money on food by cooking my own meals. However, last Saturday I went to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating and spent soooooooo much money there including the bus fare, haih... I need to adapt to my new life and change my habits -.- But then again, Tropicana city mall is only about 500m from where I live so how can I not go there? Haha xD

Okay! College life is totally different! We don't wear uniforms, we paint our nails, we wear high heels, we use handphones in classes, we dye our hair (not me)! And I made quite a number of new friends in a new world. But fear not, I will never forget who I am and where I came from ^^ So far, all the subjects are still easy except for Computing Principles! I really freaking don't get this subject! About computers parts, software, hardware, functions??? I know nothing..... I'm starting to feel that I might not do well in my upcoming quiz, probably on 18 Feb. I'm so dead!

PS : Stupid TMNet service!!! It's been 2 weeks already and they still haven't fix my internet!!! My sis even called 3 times to remind them!!!

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