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  HMC leadership camp
I know I haven't blog for a really long time especially now that I'm back from camp, I have lots and lots of stuffs to pour out but I was just feeling tired and lazy. But I don't wanna forget anything about the camp so I'm gonna start story-telling now!

For those who don't know, I went to Bukit Tinggi Selesa Resort for my college leadership camp for 3 days.

First day, they had some really interesting games, then they had the river crossing activity at night. We entered the forest and we weren't suppose to call names so we made a nickname for each of us. I called myself squirrel :D At first everyone was very scared about walking in the jungle especially at night. But we had to wait for so many teams to go first until we got tired of waiting and weren't afraid anymore =.= We even chatted and laughed along the way haha.

Second day, we had outdoor and jungle activities. But whatever they were (lazy to list out), the best one was the raft race. OMG that was the best seriously. We don't have any pictures of that activity because everyone was in the lake! Each team had to let 4 members sit on the raft and the other 6 members had to swim in the lake and push the so-damn-heavy raft. Of course, I swam :) It was so fun, and tiring! My team got first in the race whee~~~ Then after bath and lunch, we played some games - egg, chicken, dinosaur game, tree and squirrel game, so fun xD

Third day, we played more games... The camp was like all about games, but seriously fun and I made so many friends :) Then before we left Bukit Tinggi, we had our last lunch at that place. Somewhere along the camp, we thought that Ardy "likes" the hotel jelly, which taste like... no comment =.= So during our last meal there, Junior took a plate of jelly for Ardy due to miscommunication lol. Nobody wanted to eat them, so in the end, we played a game and the loser had to eat the jelly. The first time we played, I lost! ... But thank God I only lost once. So I only ate one piece :)

And most of them who went to the camp somehow got addicted to the word : awesome. And yes the camp was AWESOME.

My group for the camp, we called ourselves JANS :D

top : me, junior, ardy, john
bottom : sammi, natalie, shalini (group leader), stephy lim

stephy low, me, ying yee (cute little ah mei) :D

everyone :D

Oh and I will never forget the jelly xD

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