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Last evening, I just reunited with my high school friends. We had BBQ and played stack! Unfortunately, I just went for my dental appointment that afternoon where the dentist tightened my teeth, so I couldn't eat any chicken, I ate only sausages and meat balls =.=

Then this morning xin ying and I went back to our former high school to visit and 'kepo kepo' in their orientation camp. I miss camping so much but I was so obsessed with not going under the sun because I wanna fair again. But in the end I cycled around the field under the hot sun =.= I just miss the feeling of being in school :) Unfortunately again, I've forgotten many scout knots, so when the junior members asked me how to tie, I had to try to learn again first.


Ok I'd finally met all my friends, but I feel as though there's something missing in my heart. Now all I do in college are attending classes and completing assignments. I miss my life when I was scout president. I miss organizing. I miss the feeling of satisfaction when an event succeeds. Day after day, I'm forgetting what I used to do and who I am. Gosh I miss life back then!

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