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Ok so SPM results are coming out on 23rd Mac. Am I scared? Not really. I've waited too long to be scared. Or perhaps I'll be scared just a few moments before they announce haha. And because SPM results are coming out on that date, I won't be able to attend STSD orientation camp with all the junior scouts whom I miss so veli veli much haih... No matter how hard I try, in the end, I can't go! Same goes for STSD Station Games, I have english quiz on that day! So I can't attend T_T

As time passes, I miss high school even more. When I was in school, I hoped to leave as soon as possible to venture the world of unknown. But now that I'm out here, I wanna go back to my shell. I was afraid that I might not fit in with the new people I meet in college but it turned out I fit in quite well. And all the assignments seemed hard but high school homework was very very much more than college. Although I feel alright here, I miss the stuffs that I used to do but ain't doing anymore, and the people I have around me everyday but I don't anymore. I miss Melaka people so much :'"(


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