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  I'm home!
Home sweet home. I'm back to the place I grew up in, back to the streets I roamed, back to my lovely house, back to my beloved family. Do you know exactly how much I miss Malacca? Words can't exactly tell. I miss being surrounded by short buildings and roads with less cars (and less honks) haha.

Before I even reached my house, my mom texted me asking if I wanted to go shopping. Well, this is my mom. So we headed to the new jusco to shop. I didn't buy many things because there's no sales right now! But I bought a pair of flats :D

I pity xin ying, I really do. Her feet are too small. There's no shoes made in her size! We went to midvalley yesterday and practically browsed through almost every shoe shop but still unable to find a shoe of her feet size :(


As usual, I have a list of activities planned in my head for my one week semester holiday ~
1. Watch gossip girl season 4 (done!)
2. Read my dad's Millionaire Mind book -.-
3. Hang out with friends xD
4. Visit my former high school.
5. Decide if I should enroll to be a part time student at Malaysian Institute of Baking, which means I have to devote my weekends learning how to bake, which also means I can't use my weekends to do other stuffs, which also means I can't come home to Malacca on weekends. Because their classes are on weekends -.-

The next enrollment starts in 25 June. So should I ???

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