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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
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My housemates and I have been having long chats almost every night after dinner, talking about their past lives. Glad to know that their lives are so 'happening' which reminds me of my high school life which was one great memory lane. Gosh... If someone ever ask me what I love doing, I'll say "there's only four things - baking, nail painting, HTML programming and organizing events". My life is only good when I get to do the things I enjoy. Right now the only thing lacking is organizing. I'd joined the CEO group with my friends (partly because I wasn't chosen to be part of college student council ==) Anyway, looking forward to do great things with great people :)


Just a few months ago, I came to KL without any friends, started college and not knowing anyone there (nobody knows me either), worried all day whether I could fit in or not. I even forced myself to do housework, and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking 'Eh, I haven't sweep the floor yet' -.- My new life started with me being depressed for a few weeks. But now I know I met some really great friends in college :D

My first semester is going to end. I'm still unsure of what subject to take for the next semester but oh well, wait till my final exams are over. Then I'll have one and a half week to think about it. Right now I have to study but I keep on procrastinating!

Argh... OK Bye!

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