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I'm just back from shopping spree in Jusco!!! The things there are like so damn cheap because its Jusco members day today :) I bought another shoes lol.

Yesterday, xin ying and I went to soooo many places! We went to our former high school, St. David High to distribute my Turtle questionnaires. Thank you so much xin ying for helping me. For the sake of eating Mak cik Bedah's super delicious nasi lemak, we went there earlier. We met up with so many teachers and even more students and spent more time chatting with them then going to classes to distribute questionnaires, but still we managed to collect 131 pieces :D All the teachers I knew never change.

Pn. Nurul : Eh, saya tak kena kamu berdua la!
Mr. Tay : Hey what are you both doing here?
Mr. Tam : Sandra.... Yes I remember your name.
Mr. Guna : Yes? You are Pn. Ng's daughter. And you are (he's referring to xin ying)... you are... PA system! Haha!
Ms. Tsee : *talk talk talk for so long!*

Yu heng : Last time always scout scout scout, now turtle :D
Gim hwang : during carnival you both wanna duty pick rubbish? LOL.
Wei hao : Teacher, they come back to bully teachers. (because we asked teachers to do the questionnaires as well, :D)
Kai lin : *gossip* hehe

Then, we went to MMU, supposedly to distribute questionnaires as well, but due to "expected" problems, I decided to cancel. So we went to visit wei qi's college mates and their home haha. We went to Emerald Residence and Ixora, and we even soaked our legs in Ixora's swimming pool.

Whenever I hang out with my Melaka buddies, even after planning, the places we go are usually those that pop out of our heads all of a sudden haha. That's why it's so fun. Too bad we didn't take any pictures at all !!! I can't believe it man!

Anyway, tomorrow's St. David Carnival. Whee!! I can't wait :D

Oh would you be so kind to do your part to preserve wetland wildlife by completing the short questionnaire related to coastline creatures preservation? Just click here for the questionnaire. Thank you so much for your time! Have a nice day! :D

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