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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run."
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I'm sort of a procrastinator at heart, but at mind, I'm a good planner :P

My english term paper have to be handed in next Friday, so I started working on it last Monday :b Turtle exhibition is next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, I have quizzes, pool (snooker) tournament, Terengganu trip and finally, the long-awaited final exams!

By mid-August, I'm as free as a bird. Actually no. I have something in mind that I wanna do :D

This semester is a crazy one, with assignments coming in non-stop, and demands set pretty high, and my english kinda sux, and I've been selling so many things ever since this semester started (I feel like a salesgirl), and PR actually involves quite alot of art (which I sux too), and my grandma is really weak lately, and me myself being too ambitious as always.

Still, busy-ness and working with short datelines make me more productive. And I enjoy the rush of adrenaline. So what's there to complain? I love my life :D

I know my posts always sound contradicting... I know, I know. Let's just say Imma lady who likes to complain but am lovin' it.

Cheers! Till the next post, people :)

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