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I never wanted to lose, I never thought I would lose. But I think I'm losing, or worse, I think I already lost.


Seriously, I need to get a grasp of my own life back. Lately, no, for the past six months, I've been like a lost child. You may see me all bubbly and cheerful on the outside, but in the inside, I'm hurting.

Whoever said living without your parents is hard, they are so right. It was me who was so egoistic and not wanting to be seen as weak, I assured myself that living on my own was peanuts. But I thought wrong. I miss my parents, my little bro, my grandma, my aunty, my dog. Now that my second semester is over, I'm heading to my hometown on Saturday and you have no idea how happy I am. What can be more blissful than returning to the warmth of your loved ones?

As for the upcoming 3 weeks holiday, I have things planned for myself. First and foremost, planning a camp to build up my self-esteem again and another chance to work with my beloved scout friends. Secondly, since now there's Raya sales, I'm gonna shop! It makes me feel lighter. Next, let's talk business :)

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