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There is like a tonne of stuffs that I have not blog about.

I'll start with my birthday. Well, again, I didn't really have the mood and everyone celebrated my birthday a few days later than supposed to but I didn't mind that because I really enjoyed the company around me. Ok, 9 months and I still miss my parents :( Besides, being around my high school close friends gives me the feeling that I think I'll never feel with anyone else. I can really be the crazy me, not having to worry what others may think. I'll miss you guys. Anyway, I think we will meet sometime during Zhi Wei's birthday haha. I will most likely go back to Melaka again.

Secondly, all I can say is that I planned a list of things to do during my semester holiday but due to this and that, I didn't manage to do anything! WTH...I didn't get to carry out the scout camp because my high school headmaster wouldn't allow me. Damn sad wei, I planned almost everything already. Also, my first job choice was Starbucks but days passed and they hadn't contact me. At that time, the thought of not having anything to do during my holidays almost caused me depression. Then, my dad took me to Nadeje for 2 slices of birthday cake :) I saw the advertisement on part-time job and ka-boom! haha. I'm not a waitress there, I just take orders from customers who want to buy cake, pack cake and a little bit of cashier part. Overall, my job was awesome ;) I love the people there, friendly and patient! I've learned more about their delicious layer cakes (and even bought a lot when working there haha). Oh, I also learned more about Myanmar people, that they're not the scary 'pendatang haram' that I used to fear, but they're really nice people, who can speak english, who really enjoy their job and the company around them :) I love my colleagues!

My dad bought a camera too! Whee :D

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