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Good midnight peeps, my bus to KL tomorrow is 7am and I'm still here blogging. I sworn I will not procrastinate this semester but habits die hard. I dare not say I'm not procrastinating but I'm also pushing myself to complete my assignments before the weekend arrives. Still, I always have some incomplete work left... Argh... I'm weird.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm not really giving myself my best efforts in my life but sometimes I feel like I'm straining myself. Wth... I have 3 pending assignments and a mini business to take care of. Well, I have to say I enjoy the busy-ness but I am going nuts just trying to settle 1 assignment. Besides, the weirdest thing lately is I suddenly don't know what I want to do for my degree. Mass com? Marketing? Business? Again, I'm lost. Why am I always lost?

Plus, recently, I've been spending a lot. Like seriously a lot. Too much starbucks and coffee from other cafes. I'm having coffee fetish now! Most of my cash gets spent on good food and because of that, I'm getting fatter.

Omg sad life.

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