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  Macarons, Petit Sucre
Macaron is pronounced as "ma-cah-ron".

I bought five little cutiepies from Isetan, KLCC, as a gift for my little brother's birthday, and also for my curious mum and indifferent dad to try. What my grandma said when I showed her the macarons was, "so cute!". Just imagine my grandma saying that! I should have videoed her reaction because she looked so happy and cute herself :D

My family is not much of a sugar-eater, so one macaron was shared by two person. I know, weird. I've tried macarons before, the green tea flavored one, just simple, sweet and nice. This pack of five I bought was more for my family since they haven't tried macarons before.

My parents shared raspberry, my grandma and aunt shared the dark chocolate and my little bro took lemon. Well, my dad remained indifferent and my mum's curiosity disappeared. My bro didn't really like it and my grandma said it was too sweet. In conclusion, none of them actually fancy it.

So I was left with the passion fruit and jasmine flavored macarons to myself. Sad case.

Honestly, there's nothing special with macarons. It's just that they look cute ;) But the taste? It's just sweet, crispy, melts in your mouth sort of thing. Paying RM3.60 per piece is not that worth it but once in a while is alright, just to let my family know what the hell is a macaron.

After trying passion fruit, jasmine and lemon, I think I still prefer green tea.

Here are some photos I took.

I would prefer it to be a little smaller so that I can pop the whole thing into my mouth at a time without having to bite it. It's quite crumbly.

I'm not really satisfied with the jasmine macaron as it was a bit hollow and moist in the inside. I paid RM3.60 so I expect it to be worth my money :/

from left: passion fruit, raspberry, dark chocolate, lemon, jasmine.

Cute ? :D
They look like mini colorful burgers.

Besides macarons, there are so many more desserts such as Mont Blanc, tiny little tartlets, cheese and berries pie, cup desserts, well-decorated cakes and chocolates. Oh my, I swear I'll go there again!

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