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  Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Singapore
During my last trip to Singapore sometime around last month, my family and I was looking for something to eat, something that we can't get in Malaysia. So we walked through malls and streets seeing so many stuffs and ended up trying Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. Believing that they specialized in chocolate, we ordered some drinks with high expectations although they were rather pricy. I picked hot dark chocolate, simple was all I wanted. My sis picked hot spiced chocolate (with cinnamon and some other Mexican spices), she always ordered really weird stuffs but turned out to be good anyway. My bro, with the most consistent orders, chose chocolate milkshake.

Chocolate milkshake
Love their glass!
But this was just another typical chocolate milkshake.

Hot dark chocolate
This is also another typical hot chocolate.

Hot spiced chocolate
The spices were really tasty!
I have to say this was the best.

Honestly, their drinks were nice and satisfying but I still prefer Starbucks signature hot chocolate :D

Too bad we didn't order any food from there. They all looked delicious but we were still very full after lunch and my family are not sugar-eaters :/

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