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  Sister in Australia
I am in my first year degree now. "Time flies", I remind myself everyday. Yet, I still find myself floating into the air, dreaming and fantasizing, and thinking of the future. Well, that's what I always do, can't help it.

A few days ago, my sister and her friends flew to Australia to start their third year degree there. So far, they're doing fine. According to my sis, the weather there is just like that of Cameron Highlands - cold and windy. However, in the day time, they have to use sunblock or else they can get sunburn because they say the Sun is too 'bright'. Here are some pictures of Australia. I actually can't wait to go :D

Brisbane city.

A bank on Queen Street Mall.

A view outside of my sister's rented house.
I actually think that it looks like Malaysia :/

The first thing I asked my sister was, "How's the coffee there?"
And what she replied me was, "I bought the cheapest one, 3 Aussie dollars"


* Just in case you're wondering, Brisbane is in Queensland, which is on the East side of Australia.

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