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  A weekend of lecture + Tong Pak Fu desserts
Sad to say that my whole weekend passed with me listening to a long lecture on how to make money on the internet but glad that I learned something, at least to help my little business. Plus, my dear little Xin Ying came with me! She learned something too :) Did you ???

Anyway, I'll just give a brief review about the course.

The course is actually for those who already has a list of subscribers, a website with a capture page or squeeze page, and at least with a product to sell. Subscribers are people who give you their emails so that you can send them a newsletter regularly. A capture page or squeeze page is a website page where people can type in their email, which will be received by you.

They taught us ways to increase traffic to our pages and showed us a few websites where we can create our own cartoons and ads. The talk was by Daegan Smith and his buddy, Brian Fanale. Daegan did an experiment and showed us what color backgrounds of pages should be and what type of word font we should use, and some other little stuffs on pages that we should avoid using or else they can leave people confused, annoyed or probably close our page. There were two small contest, of which the prize is money @_@. Oh there was also Jaz Lai from Singapore. If you don't know them, just Google, they should appear.

In short, the course is about getting the right mindset, having the right offer and a right list of subscribers, and then get as much traffic as possible and hence, sales and profits. I personally enjoyed the 20 persuasion tricks given by Brian. I could probably use them for my little business haha.

On the first night of the course (Saturday), after having dinner with my parents, we came across this shop called Tong Pak Fu. After I saw they had Almond Cream on the menu, I got kinda excited and so we ate there, with Xin Ying as well. We ordered Almond Cream, Black Sesame soup and Durian ice cream (My dad wanted this !).

I forgot to take photos of them before we started eating! Sorry! I was to anxious to try! :D

I will now introduced the taste of them...

The Mud... :D

But taste kinda good actually, only it was a bit burnt.

The Baby Food...
Don't order this, it has almond syrup in it but its almost tasteless.
I had a hard time swallowing it.

And this is... the King !
Haha my dad made the right choice :)
It taste really refreshing, with really strong durian flavor.

In KLCC. Just beside Candylicious, somewhere near Garett popcorn and Isetan (lowest level).

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