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  Donate yourself
Yours truly is now an organ donor!

If, and really if, anything were to happen to me, I already signed up to donate my lungs, kidneys and liver, but I'm keeping my eyes, bones, skin and heart. Well honestly, I still wanna look good in a coffin, with my skin of course, and my bones to give shape to my body, and my eyes still there. As for my heart, I decided to keep my it because I kinda have an emotional attachment to it, haha!

Guys, if you are not superstitious or if you just don't believe in what your elders tell you, then just go and be an organ donor now. You will never know how happy and grateful a person can be just by knowing he will be given another chance to live!

After telling my parents, this is what my dad said, "I feel like I'm losing my daughter." But after assuring him that they will take my organs only after I "bye bye", then he said "ok lo..."
My mom however, said she wanna be a donor too.

I signed up under a project done by my university. I'm not sure about the details as I was in a rush to hand in my assignment when I signed up. If you're interested, then head over to HELP University, Damansara, KL to know more. Or another organization would be The Malaysian Society of Transplantation. They handle organ donations as well. Go here to see more.

That's all people. Think about it, ok?

Long live the needy.

Help with all you can possible.

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