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  I just got to know a member of Super Junior
Don't you think that there are getting more and more "korean guys" wannabes? They get the right hairstyle, get pinkish lips, get really white and glowing skin, grow tall with broad shoulders and work for abs (omg), slipped in a pair of not-so-tight-but-not-so-baggy pants and a not-so-tight-but-not-so-baggy shirt, and *poof! You get a Korean star.

Still, they are gorgeous.

Something is seriously wrong with me. I'm not usually like that.

By the way, here are some really handsome photos of my own liking ;)

I came across a friend's facebook photos and saw this guy who looks like... Hmm... Well, I'll tell next time ;) Then, I came to know that he's Dong Hae from Super Junior. Yeah, I'm slow. At least, I know one of their songs, which is Sorry sorry. Nice song by the way. Anyway, he looks good :)

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