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  I watched The Vow.
Alright people! I have an announcement!

I watched The Vow.

Honestly speaking, I was expecting a typical love story about a girl who lost her memory and a guy who's trying to make her remember. Well, I got what I expected. But there's something about the movie that made me teary yet laughing throughout a few scenes.

That's all I have to say. You just gotta watch it yourself. One day, you'll wish you have someone to love you as much as Leo loves Paige in the movie.

Oh and I just love the way Leo and Paige first met. It was too random but when there's chemistry, there really is chemistry. Sometimes, you just gotta put your ego aside and go after what you want. I should tell myself this :/

Anyway, I spent my day out with my KL girlfriends. All we did were have lunch, watch The Vow, and chat for hours. We sat at Carls Junior for hours talking about so many stuffs, from guys to clubbing, from K-Pop to our hair, from boyfriend to the perfect "man-body", from gays and lesbians to blood donation. What can we do? We haven't met since last December ;)

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