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  A little of Australia
Hey hey hey!

Good news people! Old news actually.

A few weeks ago, my sis announced, through text message, that she was given FULL scholarship to study in University of Queensland, Australia!

Can you believe it?!? FULL scholarship for a year of education in Australia! This saved my parents a huge amount of money. Now all they have to do is pay for her living expenses there. Before my sis left, she kept saying she will "kiam" when buying things in Australia. But now that she knows she's studying there for free, she said "Now i will enjoy life!".

Oh but wait, suddenly I feel the pressure to get full scholarship too :/

Anyway, ...

According to her, Australia is an awesome place with awesome food, awesome place, awesome people, except that everything there is supersized. Let me tell you what she told me. She said that the spiders (and their cobwebs) and any other insects are around 3 times the size of the insects in Malaysia. Even their pigeons are the size of a chickens. Cool huh? I wonder what Australians are thinking when they come to Malaysia. Everything Australians see will be so tiny to them...

As for the food there, (I must talk about food, I love food baby!), my sis is eating all the "what I would call healthy food"! She is eating what Blair Waldorf eats for breakfast in Gossip Girl - Berries, yogurt, ... And omg, my sis and her friends went to taste a piece of brownie and her comment? "Thick and rich in taste!" :/ I wanna try too...

Strawberries with yogurt!

The chocolate brownie!

Till then, bye peeps!


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